Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts While Driving

There was frost on my 2011 Suzuki Kizashi test car this morning as I took off for work. I switched from my usual hat with the bass clef on it to my 25-year-old wool cap. Just the thing for what's turning out to be an unusually cold January in Northern California.

My iPod decided to randomly pick more Jazz than usual today, and it was a fine accompaniment to the fairly smooth ride in. Brad Meldau's piano played nicely off Larry Grenadier's always-terrific bass work; I got two cuts from Bill Evans' Village Vanguard recordings featuring my favorite Jazz bassist, Scott LaFaro, doing his thing. Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson contributed too.

Funny things to see: A flatbed carrying nine portapotties--with a tenth towed behind it on its own tiny trailer. A Toyota 4Runner with the license plate WEEEZL.

The Suzuki is very comfortable. Of course you always wonder who the buyer will be for a brand best known for its motorcycles. But this is a very good car, especially with its quick-shifting six-speed manual transmission, 26 miles per gallon, and upscale interior.

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