Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comedy in San Francisco - Maximum Volume!

Last night my wife and I enjoyed a comedy show at Cobb's Comedy Club hosted by surprisingly humorous musician Matt Nathanson and Sex and the City consultant and funny man Greg Behrendt. We had seen Matt in a concert a month ago and he not only sings with incredible energy and passion but is a riot, in a natural, take-you-by-surprise way. Self effacing, goofy and quick-witted, he was why we went last night.

Greg I knew less about but he's definitely a pro at making you laugh and gasp too--and he and Matt were great together. They developed a bit around "turkey circles" that was hysterical.

All this was presented as Maximum Volume!, part of the 10th Annual S.F. Sketchfest--the San Francisco Comedy Festival. Running from January 13 to February 5 (yes, it's still going!), it features a wide range of comedy and entertainment personalities. If you're in the S. F. Bay Area or plan to visit soon, it's worth the price of admission.

Cobb's Comedy Club has moved from it's previous Cannery location to several blocks away (915 Columbus Avenue), but the room worked well. We stood in line outside for 45 minutes on a surprisingly dry and balmy evening, but were rewarded with seats right AT the stage. We were looking up at the comics all night. I could tell you the brand of shoes they wore (and color socks, too).

Featured acts were the ranting Brody Stevens (we laughed and kind of cringed at the same time), Brendon Small, Mark Maron (who flirted with an 18-year-old woman next to us) and as a kind of dessert, the legendary Bobcat Goldthwait, who was even funnier than I remember him from his heyday.

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