Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bass with Breakfast

Continuing from yesterday's popular "found photo opportunity" theme, I discovered today that the beautiful breakfast my wife cooked for me had a bass clef shape in the toasted croissant! I did have to make the dots, I'll admit, but this is very cool. Tasty too.

In bass news, I just acquired a new bass. This one is an acoustic-electric, meaning it looks and feels like a regular acoustic guitar but has four big fat bass strings. It's perfect for hanging around the campfire or in somebody's kitchen when the strumming starts. It also has a jack for plugging in, so if the volume goes up you're all set.

This photo shows it (the lighter one on the right) next to my 12-string guitar. I look forward to getting familiar with it. I ordered a "Yellow Submarine" themed strap for it, which Amazon assures me is on its way.

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