Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Classical Music Shifts Gears in the S.F. Bay Area

I've listened to KDFC 102.1 for decades. They used to be very snooty--and announced only the composer and name of the work. Then, they became more chatty when KKHI, the other classical music station, which had that kind of format, went away. I've noticed that they have started saying "Classical and then some"--meaning you might hear the movie theme from Harry Potter after one movement of a Beethoven symphony. They don't play the whole piece unless it's a special program.

Now, they are becoming a non-profit and moving way up to the short end of the dial, at 89.9 and 90.3. I hope that means they'll cut out the commercials! Unfortunately, their signal was already iffy in some areas and the new station will be even weaker. Well, that's why I own an iPod.

Prepare for pledge drives!

Read an interesting story that ran today on the San Francisco Chronicle's sfgate.com website.

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