Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Goals

So, it's 2011. Another year--another number. There's really no reason to do anything different just because the odometer turned over again, is there?

Well--My plan for Test Driving Life all along has been to go beyond automotive test drives. Yes, I've been writing them weekly for 19 years this month, it's true. You can find them in the San Leandro Times, Castro Valley Forum, Tri-City Voice,, and other places--as well as here. But I have always believed that if you can test drive a car, you can test drive anything. How about a bottle of wine? A sunrise? A concert? A tattoo? (see below).

So, for 2011, I will put up something every day. It may be a photo of something that means something to me or struck my fancy. Or, it could be my thoughts about something that's happening in the world. Or--it may even be a car review.

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