Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gerry Rafferty is Gone

Sad to see another musician of my generation die, but I read that Scottish singer Gerry Rafferty has left us, at only 63. Yes, he's a little older than I am, but I remember the sound of Baker Street and Right Down the Line in the late 1970's. The latter song has a wonderfully snappy bass line that sticks with you all day. And who can forget his slide-guitar-filled Stuck in the Middle with You when he was part of Stealer's Wheel? Not me.

Gerry apparently had a taste for the drink, and he eventually drowned in it. But those two songs live on in my iPod.

Gerry's not the first baby boomer to overdo it. Every day I marvel at my good fortune to have a healthy liver, teeth, skin, blood pressure, etc. But I'm not a famous rock star, either. It's regret, with a little envy mixed in, I guess.

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