Friday, January 14, 2011

Got my FIRST 2010 Quarter today!!

I've been waiting for a year to see any of the new 2010 quarters. After the U.S. Mint's enormously successful (and profitable) 10-year Statehood Quarters series, they came up with another way of parting collectors with their money--the America the Beautiful Quarter Series. The plan is to issue 56 more quarters, five per year (yeah, will there be a sixth one in 2020?).

Today, in the McDonald's drive through, the most prosaic place on earth, I got my very first one--the Yosemite quarter. It's the third in the series. The portrait of George looks a little flat, with low detail (kind of a surprise) but the Yosemite image on the rear is handsome, if a bit stylized. I'm thinking that the proof versions directly from the mint will be much nicer, if I opt to get them.
Go to the U.S. Mint's website for details.

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