Monday, June 13, 2011

VW Beetle No Longer a "Chick Car"

I knew the new Beetle was coming for 2012--but today I got an email offer to sign up for one of 600 Black Turbo limited edition models. I guess if I wanted a new Beetle (notice the lowercase "n"--the car's called just Beetle now) I would want one with a turbo--but maybe not in black.

This special manly VW bug features a 200-horsepower turbo engine, a sport suspension, and special Black Pearl paint.

If the "New Beetle" that arrived in the late 1990's was a change from the old car, this is a little less so--still based on the Golf--but it is a huge change in proportion and style. See the photos for more details, but you'll immediately notice a much higher window line and a more upright windshield--getting away from the "three humps" look of the New Beetle.

The interior is retro, but all-new. However, in another move toward toughness--sorry, no more bud vase.

I learned from my local dealer that deliveries of these new Beetles are weeks away, but you will definitely want to check one out when they arrive.

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