Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time: Milestones and What's Next at Blog Post 200

This is my 200th blog post. The first was on October 12, 2007, but I averaged 7 posts a year in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. This is the 169th of 2011. I committed myself to producing something daily--so here we are.

Is 200 a big deal? It makes me think of other milestones. How about birthdays? Are we celebrating the fact that you were born on a particular day or the fact that you've accumulated all those years? Why would a 50th be especially significant? Because we said it is.

Anniversaries? My 22nd wedding anniversary is about a month away. On that day, and leading up to it, I can remember my happy wedding day, and perhaps remember milestones along the way. And, I get the benefit of being married to my wife for 22 years--not a small thing in itself. This is a little different from a birthday because it represents commitment and some work to keep it going. My birth had nothing to do with me--I just showed up--but my marriage does.

I know that in my life I've been looking for the "next." That meant everything from the first penny of the year (I got my first 2011 one three days ago) to the new cars every year (I've followed the annual model changes since the 1964's rolled out) and even the next issue of Spider-Man (well, this was significant when I was reading these in the 1960s). These "next" incidents are outside of me, but it is fun to watch them appear. I had ten wonderful years gathering the 50 State Quarters, too. But there was no real accomplishment to these activities, although I have some slim blue albums full of metal discs on my shelf today. The comic books are long gone.

Next February, I'll mark 20 years of writing weekly automotive colums. Also in 2012, I'll hit the 1,000th test car. Now those are some happy numbers, aren't they? I just did it a week at a time and it added up. But it still feels different from collecting coins.

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