Monday, June 20, 2011

Brian Wilson, Former Beach Boy, is 69

The Brian Wilson story is pretty well known. He is the genius behind the Beach Boys' sound--a sensitive recluse who became a domineering perfectionist, got obese,went crazy, etc. With his two brothers, cousin, and a friend, he created the sound of the early sixties.

Amazingly, Brian is also touring today, and is the poster child for recovery. To me, he's the image of music being too strong to kill.

Like Paul McCartney, who is two days older, Mr. Wilson is a bassist, but is also a songwriter and tunesmith. God Only Knows? Good Vibrations? What about Help Me Rhonda, In My Room and countless others? It's a long and beautiful list.

The Smile album, redone to Brian's specific requests was a triumph a few years ago.

If only he could join the remaining Beach Boys and make some new music--that would be a dream.

Meanwhile, I celebrate his longevity. He himself has been quoted as being shocked to be the surviving Wilson brother (Dennis drowned decades ago and Carl succumbed to cancer a few years ago).

Live long and keep performing, Brian!

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