Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day: Bittersweet

Father's Day is bittersweet. Sweet, because I have my two fine sons, making their way in the world in such different but interesting ways. One is a father himself! Bitter, because, once again, I can't be or speak with my dad. He died this week in 2002.

June was always "Dad Month" anyway because besides Father's Day, his birthday was June 1. So, I was assured of at least two good, long phone calls and got to shop for two corny cards. June is still "Dad Month," but now it includes both ends of his 75-year-long life in it.

What I carry with me of my father is most obvious in my interest in cars, and I get my weekly dose of new ones. I still send my step-mom the printed stories. More subtle but equally important is my set of values and priorities, which starts with honesty and moves on to helping people who need it and contributing something positive to the world. It means becoming an expert in something and sharing it with others. In his later years, my father was a professor in his field--dentistry--and left behind valuable research--and a generation of graduates who likely are still in their own dental practices or contributing to the education of the future generation of practitioners.

Today's photos are of a car my father owned several of--an Austin-Healey--and one of a 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata--a similar vehicle that I love. I assume my affection for small, imported droptops comes from him and the good times we had driving in those cars.

Last night, I enjoyed spending time with both of my sons--in the same room at the same time--so I'm happy, but I sure miss those phone calls.

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