Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Day Unfolds

At 5:25 a.m., my 43-year-old alarm clock clicks and quiet music begins to play. My eyes pop open. The first thought is sensing how much light is in the room and feeling my body against the sheets. In that first few seconds, I identify myself (yes, it's me) and then the thoughts come back. "Tuesday--that means orchestra practice" or "Have to finish that project I was working on yesterday." I may hope for nicer weather. But, within a minute or two, my feet are on the floor and I'm off to the shower. By the time the water is running, I'm pretty much awake.

What's funny is--I normally have a "profile" of what I expect my day to be. It's a mixture of the day of the week, the current thing(s) that are bothering me, the soundtrack from music I'm listening to, and sometimes the pressure of realizing that I have something to do that may take some extra attention--or be a little uncomfortable. If I'm lucky, I have something to look forward to.

At this point, with a new job at a good company full of good people, I'm happy to go to work, but it does involve some uncertainties as I learn my way, and I spend up to two hours of driving to get there and back. But that's what satellite radio and my iPod are for.

Inevitably, what I projected for the day changes during it. The meeting is cancelled or moved, the difficult thing proves easy, my time is spent on something I wasn't planning to do. Perhaps some major news story or event at work changes the tone of the day.

Part of my vision of the day includes making sure my two "must-dos" (besides brushing and flossing) take place. One is writing this blog--daily since January 1--and the other is practicing my bass. Daily means every day, and it's what makes things work for me. Little things add up.

By 11 p.m. I'm ready to lay down and rest. And before you know it, that clock will be going off again.

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