Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday - Have a Beer

Now that Rebecca Black has pulled her infamous song from YouTube, we can simply enjoy the last workday of the week for what it is--the gateway to the weekend. By Friday night, I'm ready to relax.

We're used to the five-day work week, but of course it hasn't always been that way. And--if you run a farm, you're probably working every day--with half a day off on Sunday to go to church and take a nap (possibly at the same time).

When I lived in Israel, we had Saturday off (shabbat--the sabbath) but went right back to work on Sunday--in Hebrew, Sunday is Yom Rishon--the "First Day." In the image of God, we rested on the seventh day. Think of the word sabbatical--taking the seventh year off--and you see the origins.

Meanwhile, it's Friday and time for a beer.

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