Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dancing - Good for Everyone--Every Age

Last night, I had the real pleasure of going to see my friend and bandmate Colin's three-year-old daughter, Francesca, perform for the first time with the West Coast Dance Theatre. Of course the cute, beautifully dressed little people were fun to watch in their costumes, but there were some suprisingly thrilling performances by older students and the dance leaders, too.

I am not especially interested in dance myself, but I am a big supporter of doing what you love--and being exposed to art and music as a child. Having had clarinet lessons when I was 10, I know that there's a temptation to not practice and to get by--if you're not truly motivated (and most kids aren't). I also know what being part of a dedicated band or an orchestra can do for you. I saw lots of smiling faces on the performers last night. I'm sure it meant a lot to them--for many different reasons.

I'd think that a dance class could be a great alternative to a sweaty health club experience. As Marnell Xavier, the Artistic Director of West Coast Dance Theatre says, "A good dance education can be a huge part of a successful life creating discipline, perseverance, health, teamwork, arts appreciation, self-esteem, and so much more." She's been putting on productions since 1973 and performing since the age of four so she should know.

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact them at and get started.

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