Thursday, April 28, 2011

Personal Bandwidth - A New Beginning

How does your mind spend its time?

I recently began sitting quietly in the morning for about 10 minutes after my shower. On a hard chair, in my old bathrobe, I sit and breathe in and out. I listen to my thoughts.

A few weeks ago, my brain was filled with a job search. Last week, before my new job began, the content was of my home automotive project. Now, as day four of my new job begins, I find most of my bandwidth is on that.

And what a great time it is when you start a new job. There's the excitement of meeting new people and learning new things mixed with some nervousness about not really knowing what you're doing yet. Those slow, even awkward, processes will be smooth before long.

On my band of attention I hear the cry of my daily bass practice and blog duties--joys, but also responsibilities. I hear the needs of my family and the reminders of jobs still left to do (mow the lawn, fix the faucet, balance the books).
Meanwhile, the photo above is of today's sunrise--the fresh beginning to every new day.

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