Monday, April 25, 2011

My Two Drawings

Yesterday, my wife and I visited the Oakland Museum of California. Not only is this the place we went on our first date many years ago, but it has been significantly remodeled, so we enjoyed seeing the changes as well as some old favorites.

The museum has become more interactive. For example, in one section, a wall full of closely-spaced California portraits contains two video screens. Next to the wall is a workstation where you can draw your own self portrait and it subsequently appears on the wall--and in rotation afterwards into the future.

I sat down and tried my hand at it just minutes before the museum announced it was closing. You can see the results above.

Today, at my new job at Luidia, I was experimenting with the company's eBeam technology, which allows you to draw on a video monitor for education and business presentations. My scribbles took on the look of some of the 20th-century "modern art" at the museum! See below for my masterpiece.

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