Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday on My Mind

Friday -- the last workday of the week for most of us. If it's the last workday of your first week at a new job, it's a good time to assess what Friday means.

By any measure, this first week has been a success. I've met dozens of new colleagues, and they're all terrific. I have a good workspace--nothing fancy, but amidst my fellows. I have interesting things to do, and have had to deal with some deadline pressure. But I've also had time to take time to watch what's going on and learn how things work. I'm tired - but I've earned my rest.

When you're unhappy at work, 5 p.m. on Friday is the door to escape--when you get to do the things you really like. Me? I'm excited about next Monday, but intend to get my weekend's worth of fun with family, music and--some rest.

Work and rest--a daily, weekly and yearly cycle (think vacations) but it's a lifelong cycle, too. The first years are when you learn how to work and what you're good at. In the middle years you learn focus and dedication, and, with luck, develop some wisdom about yourself. In the later years you get a chance to reflect on your worklife. My retirement plan? Never stop working, but gradually get to work at what I like best. What could be better than that?

Friday songs: My favorite has always been Friday on My Mind by the Easybeats. Yeah, it's a real oldie. But my new work neighbor, Loni, told me about the latest, Friday by Rebecca Black. Yes, it's insipid, and combining a 13-year-old girl and her friends with an older man seems a little bizarre (watch the video) but I dare you to get the song out of your mind after even one listen.

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