Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Alive! Metropolitan is Almost Finished

My plan for this week was to install the new wiring harness in my Nash Metropolitan that had been sitting for months. The car had electrical issues since I got it in 2005. Well, as of today, it has working headlights, parking lights, brake lights, interior lights, fuel gauge, and it turns over and runs too. This is big progress.

So--what's the "takeaway" here? If you want to make something happen, commit yourself to it and make the time for it. I knew this week was the only one I was going to have for a while and I took advantage of it. I also found an excellent electrician and friend across the street without whom I would have been lost. Thanks, Mike!

Now, all that's left is to hook up the wipers, heater, and turn signals. Then I can start with things like fixing the door panels, adding front carpeting, ordering a new passenger-side sunvisor... Most importantly, I can start taking it out for drives! Hooray!

Happy Earth Day--drive a small car today.

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