Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Get a Job

On April 25th I start a new job at Luidia. Visit their website to learn about the amazing eBeam products that transform flat surfaces into interactive and collaborative workspaces.

How did I find it? I treated my job search like a job. I got up every morning just as if I was going to work. That means I was online by 6:45 a.m. checking things out.

I contacted everyone I knew. I made lots of new connections on LinkedIn (more than 350 so far)--all people I actually know, of course. I was on Facebook too--and emailing--and on the phone. But I didn't bug people.

I got some nice leads from my connections, but I checked various online job sources daily, including I also looked at but it was not very effective. If I saw something that seemed suitable, I applied for it. Then, I went to LinkedIn and found out who I might know who worked there--or someone I knew who knew someone. That expedited my resume being seen.

I tweaked my resume whenever I felt it needed it. I kept it simple, but included anything of value.

I kept a positive attitude. I knew it was going to work out. When the first three jobs I interviewed for didn't come through, I was unhappy for a half a day and then got right back to work.

I pictured the successful result. I visualized the phone ringing with my job offer, and on Thursday, April 14th, it did.

I'm grateful to all the friends and former colleagues who supported me in this effort. I'm happy to start my new tech writing job in a little over a week.

I am thankful for the great help I got from Brian Bocchino of Gravity People, who worked hard (and quickly!) to make it happen. Contact

It's certainly helpful to have job skills, but I think that concerted effort, focus, and a positive attitude are vital to being successful in your job search.

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