Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Metropolitan Comes Back to Life

Knowing that I had this week off--before starting my new job--I decided to turn my successful job-finding energy loose to get my 1956 Nash Metropolitan's replacement wiring harness installed and make the car roadworthy. As of this moment, the job is not 100 percent done--but I was able to start the car and drive it up and down the street tonight--something it has not done in a year. The photo is taken today, in my driveway.

We still need to go in and get all the electrical parts functioning, but I set myself a week to do this and it's only Tuesday.

Much thanks go to Mike Connolly, my neighbor, who is not only car knowledgeable and a professional electrician--he's a great guy too. Mike is patient, and was able to get a lot done--and still let me work on my car myself too. He taught me about crimping wires today.

I'm so excited. I'll make another blog update when the job is complete.

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