Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Milk Today to Uncharted - What Makes a Favorite Song?

Years ago, when a song became a favorite it was usually because they played it in heavy rotation on the radio. I might go buy the "45," but normally I just waited, and when I heard the first few notes of it, I'd go, "YAY," and enjoy it.

Well, with iTunes you can own anything you want in a matter of seconds, so I now have some of my all-time favorites available with a click. That's good, but the accidental and sudden arrival of two or three minutes of bliss is no longer part of it.

But--I've had a few new favorites lately, including Owl City's Fireflies and now, as I reported here recently, Sara Bareilles' Uncharted. Yep--They're on my iPod, but I still like it when they pop up on SiriusXM's The Pulse (now, Channel 10).

Listening to what constitute my favorites, I can see that I'm more of a pop guy than a hard rock guy, and that melody (including it in the bass) is what I like best. I like pop songs with orchestral accompanyment. Not surprising for a guy who also considers Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony (No. 6) in his list of musical treasures. I love Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman and, of course, Richard Harris' MacArthur Park, too.

Consider this favorite from 1967--No Milk Today by Herman's Hermits. See--my ears haven't strayed that far.

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