Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Donovan Turns 65 Today

Donovan was a big part of the 1960's music scene, from young folkie to pop star. The Scottish singer is known for folk ballads like "Catch the Wind" but also for pop songs exemplified by "Sunshine Superman" and the ubiquitious "Mellow Yellow." His last big one hit was "Atlantis," which made it seem as if he believed it was a real place--and that he might just pick up and go there at any moment.

My favorite Donovan song is "Epistle to Dippy," which came out in late 1966-early 1967. "Looking through crystal spectacles, I can see you had your fun." Not quite a folk song. Then, there's "Jennifer Juniper" from around the same time--not to mention "First there is a Mountain" (then there is no mountain left)...

I also loved Donovan's "For Little Ones" album, which was more in the folk style of his earliest music. I'm thinking of songs like, "The Tinker and the Crab." "Do I see you coming home, coming home to me...." That comes from another song on that album, too.

He's still making music, although various trends, such as punk and disco, kept him hidden for years.

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