Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks to All My Mothers

I'm lucky enough to have several mothers in my life. Well, only one "real" mom--who delivered me in the hospital--but I also enjoy having a great stepmom, a great ex-wife (monther of first son), wife (mother of second son), and even a daughter-in-law, who is the youngest mom (of my first granddaughter). Of course, I remember and appreciate my mother-in-law today too. What a collection.

My mom is cool--the only one to have her OWN baseball mitt when we were kids. She played chamber music in the house (as an amateur cellist) when I was growing up. I credit her with my love of music--particularly the appreciation of classical compositions. She and I still spend quality time together, most recently walking and lunching together.

My stepmom had the task of taking on three boys when my brothers and I moved in with my dad when we were 16, 14 and 10. It was a challenge, but she not only was successful, but we have developed a close relationship over the years, although I don't get to see her very often. She brought happiness to the second half of my fathers life, something for which I will always be grateful.

My first wife was my first real long-term relationship. Bright, verbal, cute and talented, she, with a little help from me, brought my first son into the world. Although we divorced in 1986, our relationship has remained friendly and I'm glad. We share our successful son, and also a love of music--we both perform. I recently attended one of her shows--what a fine voice--and she looks 20 years younger than her age, too.

My wife and I will be married 22 years in July. It's gone fast, because it's been a very good time. She's my younger son's mom. Armed with beauty, brains and especially important--patience--she has been the rock upon which any of my success has been built. She is always thinking about what she can do to help our young man direct his considerable intelligence and charm toward something he enjoys and can do to become independent.

The latest mom in my collection is my beautiful daughter-in-law, who brought a little girl into my life. Besides her dedication and hard work as a teacher and her partnership with my older son, she delights in collecting and posting photos of our little sweetie online so we can all share in the magic. She is bringing motherhood into the new century--extending my lineage to, perhaps, the end of the 21st century.

A special appreciation of my mother-in-law, who gave me the baby who would grow up to be my wife. A great collector of miniature houses and family photographs, with a ready smile, she always makes me feel welcome and loved. She has had some health setbacks recently, and we all hope for her to feel better soon. We're going to visit her today.

Thanks, moms! Love you.

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