Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2012 Honda Civic Spotted

Since 1973, Honda has sold 8.8 million Civics--and it's obvious why. High quality, reliability, efficiency, and reasonable pricing. The new ninth-generation car upgrades the last model significantly, offering five different models starting at about $15,600. Pick from a coupe or a sedan--and there's still a hybrid version.

The new 2012 model's been out about a month now, but I saw my first one on the road this morning--a silver one. From the back, it looked like a Mercedes C Class (surely Honda would appreciate the comparison).

Funny for me is how big the car is now. It's larger by far than the first Accord (mid 1970s). The original model was a MINI Cooper sized little hatchback while today's sedan will hold your family. My 1986 Si hatchback was pretty compact. What a fine car that was--I still miss it sometimes.

Surely we can expect another few hundred thousand to go to happy buyers this year.

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