Monday, May 30, 2011

Learning Songs from the Record Again

There's been a song running around in my head for weeks--Uncharted, by Sara Bareilles--so tonight, I decided to learn to play it. I haven't learned a song from a recording this way since, well, when I looked like the photo to the left.

This time, I was able to play the song on my iPod with one earbud in and the other out--to hear if I was getting close. Of course, I had to sing an octave below Sara (I'm not Paul McCartney), but I worked it out--mostly. I needed to capo the first fret to move the pitch up to what I assume is the way it was recorded. It's possible that the studio sped up the song, too, I guess.

I any case, I now have a song from 2010 (or 2011) that I can play and sing to go with all those ones from the mid to late sixties that I learned off those vinyl albums and by ear. Who knows where this could lead? Maybe I'll go do another open mike night somewhere.

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