Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Posh than a Prius

The Lexus CT 200h offers a higher level of accommodations than its cousin, the Toyota Prius, and a different style, too.

Lexus' fifth hybrid, it boasts the best average fuel economy in the luxury hybrid industry--42 mpg. I averaged just over 40 mpg during my time with it, which ends today.

The Prius is a fine car, but the Lexus has luxury touches, from the aromatic leather on the seats to the stitched panels on the dash and doors. It feels well damped, thanks to an advanced independent suspension to filter out road irregularities. Styling is reminiscent of recent BMWs inside and out.

I was able to cruise on pure electricity on city streets at up to 35 miles per hour. It was almost like flying.

The rear seats fold flat, providing a nicely carpeted, flat cargo area.

Prices start at about $30,000 with shipping costs.

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