Friday, May 13, 2011

Honda Shadow Temptation

NOTE: This blog post was written on Thursday, May 12, but could not be posted because Google's Blogger was down.

While winding my way painfully and slowly through the constipated streets of my commute I happened to look over to my left and saw something beautiful. I normally look at cars, but this was two-wheeled. It was a Honda Shadow motorcycle.

My wife says I can't have a motorcycle--she's afraid of the risks--and I've never really wanted one anyway. But something about this bike really appealed to me. The dark red tank was a sensuous shape. The dual chrome exhaust pipes made an aesthetically appealing angle as they moved in tandem to the rear of the bike. The v-twin engine fit in there perfectly. The chrome on the headlight, handlebars, pedals, and other places glowed. It was ravishing.

The Honda Shadow, it turns out, has been around for awhile. The photo above is of a 1987 model, which is for sale in Connecticut for $3,250. New ones are also available, at around $7,000.

The new Shadow Aero, with its 745cc displacement and retro styling, offers half the power of an modern economy car with a mere fraction of the weight (550 lbs.). That means great efficiency and fuel consumption--and the promise of tremendous fun. And, it still comes in Candy Dark Red.

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