Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Happened to my Files?

Yesterday, as I was working on my blog, I went to link to a website that looked like it would be a good place for useful information. I put the link in and published the post. Then, when I went to check the link, up popped something unexpected--I remember it was a location ending in .ru, and my screen displayed two rows of rotating "waiting" images.

I closed the website quickly, but some program or file remained in my tray at the bottom. It wouldn't close, so I left it alone and went and replaced the crazy link with something more reliable from wikipedia. Then I turned off my computer and went on my way.

However, last night, when I opened up my computer, I got a black screen and an error message:

"Catalyst Control Centre: Host Application has stopped working...."

What does THAT mean?

In order to try to get something back I performed a System Restore to two days ago, and up came my familiar screens. BUT! Not only did the stupid message above reappear, but all my files were gone!

Is this a virus? A worm? Malware? It's a major pain, that's for sure. I have updated virus protection and thought all was well. Luckily, many of my important files are backed up to a memory stick but some aren't. If the computer repair place can't bring them back, I'm going to have to regroup.

So, my message to you today: perform regular, systematic backups! And beware when you're online. Of course, I had no reason to suspect anything, and nothing looked weird, but someone apparently cooked up an anonymous "gift" for me.

Of course, it could just be Windows having a breakdown, but the timing makes me believe otherwise.

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Steve Schaefer said...

Thanks to the Computer Center in Hayward, I have all my files back! Thanks to Chris, Ross and Bill.