Saturday, September 3, 2011

Audi A2 May Return--Hooray

In Europe, they get lots of cars that we don't--and sometimes that's a darned shame. One car I've always liked and never gotten to experience is Audi's diminutive A2. But that could change soon.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi will debut a new A2, bringing back a car that's been out of production for six years. Like the old one (above left), it will be a five-door hatchback, but this time they plan to make it an electric or electric hybrid.

The reason you're seeing these small cars from the luxury manufacturers is the upcoming increase in the fuel economy standards. You won't get to 54.5 mpg with the lineups these brands currently market in the United States. Look for BMW's i-series cars to give this new A2 competition if it shows up here.

I am still pining for the Audi A1--a MINI-sized car that I know would be popular in the States--but it would probably not be profitable, which is why you and I have not seen one on the roads (yet).

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