Monday, September 26, 2011

A Gifted Man - Intriguing CBS Pilot

Last night, I spent a couple of hours watching TV. That's a big deal, because I seldom do. But my wife told me about A Gifted Man, a new medical procedural show on CBS, and it sounded interesting.

In brief, New York's finest neurosurgeon (Patrick Wilson) has problems. Despite his wealth and fame (and good looks and charm), his prominent patients won't follow his instructions (fatally) and don't appreciate his work (angrily). Then his ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle) turns up mysteriously after ten years. That's kind of a nice break, until he (and we) discover that she's been dead for two weeks. Her ghost has important business and needs his help.

Since their separation, while he has risen to the top in the city, she has been directing a clinic for the poor on the other side of town. He didn't even know she was around. Her first task for him is to open up her computer at the clinic, which he does in seconds. But his chance meeting with a young patient in need there begins something new for him--or maybe it's just reminding him of his earlier medical life and goals.

If this were a movie, we'd see the man change, with the help of his big-hearted wife's spirit. But as a TV series, we'll have to see how he deals with an inconveniently awakened conscience a piece at a time. Will he give up his Ferrari to go help the needy? Will he become a nicer person? Will his ex-wife ever go away?

The last series I shared with my wife was Monk, another story of a man searching for answers and slowly becoming a "better" man in the process. It kept me interested for years. We'll see how A Gifted Man pans out.

CBS - Fridays, 8 p.m. (7 Central)

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