Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gotta Eat Better

I've been around long enough to know that everything that happens in your life is a result of something else--usually your own actions (or inactions). Today, I celebrate the sad fact that the better the food you eat the better you feel--and look--and the longer you will probably live, too. Sigh.

About a year and a half ago my doctor found that my blood pressure had risen a little higher than what is accepted as the threshold of prehypertension--120/80. It was more like 140/90. So, I decided to eat better and exercise more. My goal was that when I came in for my next visit, in six months, I'd be able to fit into a size 32 waist pair of pants and my blood pressure would be normal. Well, about a year ago, in August of 2010, I succeeded and strolled into the office in my 32's--and got the results I wanted. I'd lost 15 pounds--and matched the weight that has been on my driver's license for decades.

Well, today, I am tight in the 34s and my wife has decided she needs to eat better too. So, we had a wonderful salad for lunch today (no sarcasm). Then, off we went to Whole Foods. The first thing in the cart was broccoli--a favorite of mine--and spinach--of hers. We got Jonagold and Gala apples--which we sampled at the store when the produce guy cut them open for us right there. Yum! I think he was happy because I complimented the beautiful arrangement of the vegetables.

In any case, here we are, trying to avoid McDonalds and eschew candy. Gotta keep an eye on the big picture and think long term.

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