Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Paint CD - Proof Copy

In my hands I hold a plain silvery CD with a hand-written title: American Tender - Proof. I will listen carefully to this disc and then, when my three bandmates and I give it the OK, it will become a real CD, printed, in its own official packaging with a product scan code and track list and notes and photos. It's a milestone for any band.

Red Paint marks 5 years together this month. The band, a classic two guitars, bass and drums quartet, plays many original songs and some carefully selected covers. You can hear some of the original songs by clicking BandPage in the left column on the group's Facebook page.

What does it mean to be doing what you wanted to do when you were 18? A lot. At that age, I just wanted to play music with other guys, but it was mixed in with the belief that I needed to be a professional musician to do it--and that was too frightening. I didn't know how to meet the other players--and didn't have enough confidence.

Back then, I was playing the guitar, but wanted to play the bass. I traded my rare coins for one in a pawnshop but it was stolen not long after. It took me decades to finally get my instrument. Now, eight years later, five of them playing with the band, it's time to debut the album. Even though our earnings have been small, we are real professionals now, or at least it feels that way.

Be sure to catch Red Paint in Alameda on October 8th. See the Facebook link above for details on this fundraiser where several "dad bands" will compete for a valuable prize.

And see the September-October issue of Alameda Magazine too.

And--when the CD comes out--buy one!

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