Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Joy of My Heart--The First Hour

It was a cold November evening when I pulled up and parked near the downtown Oakland highrise. I was there to pick up a woman who had invited me out for an evening with friends. I had no big expectations.

I was two years out of my marriage, and had been dating. I had hired a very nice woman to help out at my company and as she was married, I asked if she had any sisters, as kind of a joke. Well, she had a cousin, and that was who I was going to pick up that night.

I got to the door and it was opened by a beautiful woman with large green eyes that I had never met before. I put out my hand to introduce myself and her warm hand felt so good on my cold one that I just stood there holding onto it for a long time.

The mysterious beauty was a co-worker of my "date." We went inside to wait for her. Oddly, I sat down right next to the beautiful woman--squeezed tight next to her on the large sofa. I didn't know what I was doing, but I was already falling, subconsciously, for the love of my life.

24 years later, I am still glad every day that I did.

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