Thursday, February 3, 2011

Red Paint Rocks

Since I was 14 I've wanted to play in a band. I have strummed a guitar since then, but haven't ever been in a band--until 2006, when Red Paint formed. I hold down the bass part--which is what I love--and we have two guitars and drums--just like the Beatles (only not). In any case, we've played together for years and have a 25-30 song set list. We played more than a dozen gigs last year alone.

Tonight, with our lead guitarist, Shaun, temporarily missing, we had a fill-in, our mutual friend Thomas. And we had a keyboardist, Neal, sitting in. Red Paint as a five-piece band rocked. Our songs sounded extra full with the keys and Thomas did a great job covering the solos.

Makes a guy feel good. Watch for Red Paint to be in the local clubs again soon. (San Francisco Bay Area).

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