Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Favorite Music TV Show

As I prepare to watch Glee with my wife, I think back to a favorite musical TV show from the distant past. I'm talking about The Monkees!

Starting in the fall of 1966, every Monday night at 7:30 I tuned in to watch Davey, Mickey, Peter and Mike lip sync to their hit songs. They were funny guys--and were apparently hired for that reason--not their musicianship--although they did actually have ability. But the goal was to be an American version of the Beatles' A Hard Day's Night movie--young guys running, fooling around, and playing music.

The producers of the Monkees may not have known how important the music would turn out to be--in its day--but some of those old hits remain on the oldies circuit--I'm a Believer (by a young Neil Diamond), Daydream Believer (John Stewart) and my personal favorite, Pleasant Valley Sunday.

The show only lasted a few years and the albums came and went, but the Monkees live on. They even reunited a number of years ago--four grumpy old guys--and Mickey Dolenz recently released an album of Carole King covers.
Now, back to Glee...

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