Monday, February 7, 2011

Auto Dismantler to Artist: James Corbett

Thumbing through Road & Track magazine, I discovered a man who, while finding a new use for old car parts, gave himself a new career. James Corbett, who was once an auto dismantler in Brisbane, Australia, is now an artist. He gave up the grubby element of the wrecking business in 2000 and now devotes his time to producing works of beauty.

See his website for more examples of his ingenious creations, including, naturally, cars, but also a range of other three-dimensional assemblages, from a cowboy reaching for his revolver to dogs, and, of course, a kangaroo and her joey.
Each piece takes a couple of weeks to build. Corbett has mounted exhibitions around the world. Check out the CODA Gallery in Palm Desert, California if you're in the vicinity.

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