Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oatmeal Weather

Well, where is the rain we normally get in January? Nothing--and the ski resort folks are getting antsy. In place of the moisture we're getting cold. Yesterday, it said 31 degrees on my car's digital thermometer. That's below freezing.

It's a big deal--and not much of a deal--depending on how you look at it. With heat in my house, car and office, I went about my business. I wore a sweater. The plants around my yard--none too well cared for, sadly--remain green despite my neglect. Like so many things that are beyond my control, the weather remains in the background. For now.

Rain is actually a pain in the neck from a dog-walking, groceries-from-the-car standpoint. So I think I'll enjoy the dryness while I can, until I have to stop taking showers. I'm having a big bowl of steel-cut oatmeal today--the perfect cold weather breakfast.

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