Friday, January 6, 2012

Biking with Bluetooth

While I was researching Bluetooth wireless technology at work yesterday for the eBeam Edge that my company produces, I came across the HIOD One. It's a Bluetooth device for your bicycle. So, when you're riding along with your biking buddies you can communicate with them, placing phone calls on the run, and can stream music from your ipod into the earpiece that comes with it.

I'm guessing that for some bikers, getting away from technology and working up a good sweat on a challenging trail is the goal, but if you're out with others and want to plan your strategy or not get lost, this device claims to work up to 1,300 feet away.

The control panel mounts on your handlebars, but you wear the voice unit on your arm or chest, kind of like the Jewish tefillin. See the video at their website for a good view of someone wearing one. Pricing information isn't available yet.

I hope that this won't prove to be the same distraction that using a cell phone or texting while driving has become.


Nissan Los Angeles said...

Bluetooth is a distraction in my opinion for bikers and drivers. Personally, I cannot focus on driving while talking; I need complete silence in order to focus. Engaging in a conversation means that your mind is not focused on driving/biking but somewhere else.

Steve Schaefer said...

Do you never even listen to the radio/iPod in the car?

Nissan Los Angeles said...

Listening to the radio is different because the music is background noise.... talking requires analytical reasoning, listening and responding. It requires brain power. You can have music on without actively engaging your brain too much. A conversation requires much more concentration; at least it does for me.