Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Devil's Canyon Brewing Company Makes Friday

After a busy week, it's good to settle into some fine beer and entertainment. Well, at least once a month, and the Devil's Canyon Brewing Company provided that last Friday. I'd enjoyed their beer at a local restaurant, Jack's Prime, a while back and when someone told me about the brewery's monthly musical after-work events, I scheduled it. Suddenly, it was the last Friday of the month, so off I went.

It was quiet when I arrived, but before long, a mostly young crowd had formed. I bought my Devil's Canyon glass for 6 bucks and then filled it, for $6 a pop, with three of the brew varieties the place offers: a lager, an IPA, and the Full Boar porter. All strong but not overpowering, and, when mixed with music, conversation, and cheap tacos from a truck parked right at the entrance, it made for a good time. And a buck from each glass of beer goes to a local charity, so you can think of yourself as helping the community while you're enjoying yourself.

You need the right kind of bands, and they had two. The first group, Cryin' Shame, was a country-rock foursome, featuring an upright bass (electrified). I chatted with the bass player afterwards and found we had some musical opinions in common--always a good thing. They reminded me of Red Paint a little. The second band, Mister Loveless, was more urban and punky--with a more driving sound from a picked bass part on a McCartney-style Rickenbacker bass guitar. The lead guitarist had a matching 6-string that added some visual and aural symmetry. The driving beat gave me thoughts of turning up my amp next time I play.

I'm really looking forward to next month's event.

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