Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gotta be Connected Online

On Thursday night, my connection to the Internet went south--for no obvious reason. I decided to wait until Friday to see if the problem fixed itself--something that's not unknown with electronic gear. Well, Friday arrived and it was still disconnected, so I went to work early and produced my blog post from there.

Sunday morning, and still nothing. So--I called AT&T and they were able to reset it--and here I am.

But--the problem is--I HATE being disconnected. Surely it's one thing to be put out by not receiving the service for which I pay (substantially) monthly, but it's also a nagging sense of being in the boondocks--out of touch--and unable to communicate--that I wonder about. Because I am old enough to remember when if you weren't at home you couldn't make a phone call, and if you wanted to say something to lots of people at once, you'd have to rent a hall.

Whew. Perhaps someday this will all  be up in the cloud and we'll be device independent, but what happens when there's a cloudburst? What about super sunspots? Then, it's back to square one.

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