Friday, November 18, 2011

Tom Rush - Urge for Going

If you go to Pandora and create a Gordon Lightfoot station, you'll hear a fine selection of singers in his style. One of them is Tom Rush. He sings Urge for Going, a Joni Mitchell song. Yesterday, I heard it again, and it's a real beauty.

The mood created by a baritone, a tinkling guitar, and a few satisfying chord changes can haunt your whole day. Joni herself is a master of setting a memorable mood with melody and poetry combined, and this particular song works for me.

Tom was a folkie in the 1960's, and recorded some albums, but he took a long break and released a new CD, What I Know, in 2009. His 1999 compilation, The Very Best of Tom Rush, is going to live in my iPod very shortly. I've got the urge for listening.

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