Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lost in the Produce Aisle

Like many men who had moms who made their dinner (and wives who work and aren't housewives), I am pretty much mystified in the produce aisle at the supermarket. Yeah, I can identify broccoli (and actually like it, steamed) and I know what Brussels sprouts look like (wife's not keen on 'em so they're not a welcome visitor at home). Spinach--fine. Corn--check. Green beans--OK. Corn--of course. I even know what kale is and have eaten it willingly. Then, there's all that other stuff. (bags of mini potatoes pictured)

I know that I need to eat more vegetables, but they just sit there in their neat little trays, sometimes bagged but usually just sprawled out in front of me. What do you do with them? Would you eat them with something else? I'm just not comfortable with that.

Sadly, that leaves resorting to frozen bricks of spinach, which are actually good for you--they freeze it right when it's picked so in a way it may be fresher than what's sitting there at room temperature. We have bags of peas and green beans in the refrigerator, too. I like to cook some up--preferably in the microwave--with a nice juicy Aidell's Chicken & Apple sausage. Mmm.

What will it take to make me more active in the vegetable-eating world? We need to hire ourselves a housewife--or at least a cook. Maybe we can choose one random mystery vegetable at a time and experiment with it. At least that cuts down on the panic of too many choices.

Fruit's easier--I brought home apples, grapes and some cute mini bananas (which probably cost twice as much as regular-sized ones). Now--step 2 is to eat them before they go bad. Sigh.

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