Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cafe Gratitude - Wholesome and Delicious

Before attending a concert last week, I had a remarkable meal at Cafe Gratitude, a "health food" restaurant located in the far corner of the largest Whole Foods store I've ever seen. Next to De Anza College in Cupertino, this modest cafe says that it's, quote:

"...our expression of a world of plenty..." and "...a celebration of our aliveness." Yeah, it's a little much, but apparently sincere. They use all organic ingredients and support local farmers, and claim that their "food is prepared with love." Much of the produce comes from the BE LOVE FARM in Vacaville, California. Sounds great to me.

The meals are all named for declarations, such as I Am Adventurous (soup) or I Am Elated (Enchilada). I enjoyed the I Am Transformed, which was two handmade corn tacos with brown rice, black beans, salsa roja, guacamole and cashew nacho cheese. It was incredibly tasty, and even better, it really did feel like it was made with care, and seemed to traverse my system smoothly and happily.

The place also features tea and coffee (organic of course), fresh juice concoctions, smoothies, milkshakes (not cow milk, though), and some delightful desserts.

I've only visited once, but I will definitely return. There are locations in other San Francisco Bay Area locations: Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, and San Francisco, and further afield in Santa Cruz and Healdsburg.

Much thanks to my friend, Lowell, who suggested it, persevered when we couldn't find it at first in its "hidden" location, and paid the bill.

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