Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey! Come Hear Barbwyre!

Last night I went to hear Barbwyre, an excellent trio of musicians that play their country/folk/bluegrass sound to perfection--mostly original compositions. I've heard them before and they delivered--sounding even better perhaps, if that's possible. Over Rob's agile electric bass are Jon's pedal steel, dobro and guitar and Dana's mandolin, guitar and beautifully built cittern (octave mandolin).

They were playing in a perfectly nice venue - the High Street Station in Alameda, where I have seen them, other bands, and even played with my band, Red Paint. So--where were the people? I counted nine in the audience, including myself, and I later learned that three of them were relatives of the band. A couple more straggled in later.

It seems that being good isn't good enough. What is it that motivates people to come hear you? Red Paint, as it gets better, is still working on this issue.

Please--Support your local live musicians! Thank you.

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