Monday, August 15, 2011

Charge Your Electric Car--at Walgreens

One of the things owners of electric cars deal with is finding a place to charge up if they're away from home. Although these cars are designed to fill up with a nightly feed in your garage, sometimes you want to extend your range by charging while you're out and about. (Nissan Leaf pictured.)

I just read in the August 1, 2011 issue of Automotive News that Walgreens plans to install about 800 charging stations outside their stores in New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington by the end of 2011. About 60 are already up and running in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

About half of the chargers are being provided by 350Green. According to their spokesperson, in an article in the New York Times, Walgreens would charge $3 to $4 for a 90-minute charge.

This is the wave of the future. Soon, you'll be able to plug in when you go to the mall, the movie theatre, and a downtown parking garage. Having a charger available will be an advantage for a business, and more and more of them will install them.

I didn't even think about the "green" in Walgreens until this minute.

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