Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue Blog

It all started last night driving home, when I saw the baby blue old Chevy pickup with no roof and beautiful billet interior details, lowered to car height. Then, a minute later, a nice Navy Blue Mazda3--one of my favorite current "regular" cars. I began thinking about blue.

My wife's car is blue too--Liquid Blue Metallic--and that paint cost plenty when we special ordered it five years ago. My dad's 1964 Corvette was that shade too. I have a blue Plymouth van whose paint is peeling on the roof--it's less blue than when new.

What about music? Well, there are the blues themselves--the simple three-chord structure used by musicians for years. I don't know how long. I do know about B.B. King and Lucille, his guitar. There are the Moody Blues, who aren't really a blues band, and more obscure, the Blues Magoos. Blues Image is responsible for the early 1970's hit Ride Captain Ride. Try forgetting that once you've been reminded of its existence.

Joni Mitchell recorded an early lp called Blue. I have it on my iPod. The Beatles aren't a blues band but John Lennon wrote and recorded Yer Blues on the White Album and George's For You Blue has a real traditional, acoustic sound. The list goes on--how about the Blues Project? Blues Traveler? Fats Domino singing "Blue Monday?" Van Morrison wailing Blue Money? Love is Blue?

Hey, what about bluegrass?

What else? I'm always happy to see the big blue roof of an iHop. I love their Harvest Grain 'n' Nut pancakes, with scrambled eggs and bacon. Just had them last night. More healthful are blueberries, known for their antioxidant properties (I always think of rust prevention when I hear that word).

There are blue states -- with a majority of Democratic voters. If blue is good or bad in this case depends on your political bent.

My favorite blue is the color of the sky, which changes all the time. They sold a VW New Beetle years ago that was that color.

Am I feeling blue today? No.

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