Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6th Generation iPod Nano is Irresistable

My friend David told me about a new iPod Nano--so I wandered into the Apple store last night to look. It's amazing. The new unit is much smaller than before but more fully featured than earlier models, and sits between the tiny shuffle and the Touch (and Classic) above it.

Before I bought my iPod Touch I owned a green 3rd generation Nano with the old fashioned click wheel. This new one has a touch screen, just large enough to show you a CD cover. It displays four icons at a time--the test one I played with in the store had 15 total. Just slide your finger to the right to expose another batch of four, touch them to open the app, and slide left to go back to home. Easy.

You can get 8 and 16 gig units for $149 and $179 respectively. Clip it on your shirt or even more cool--snap it into a watchband and wear it on your wrist. Shades of Dick Tracy! Pick from one of several bright colors, but the screen, being essentially the entire front of the little unit, is what defines it.

It's Apple--always simple, elegant and irresistable.

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