Monday, July 18, 2011

Mazda5 - Like a Six-Passenger Miata

I've spent the last several days tooling around in the Mazda5, a unique mini minivan. It combines the sportiness of a compact sedan with six-passenger accommodations (three rows of two), dual sliding doors--and even has a manual transmission!

I took four friends with me to lunch last week and they rode just fine--as did the car--although one of them said the third row back cushion was a bit firm. I not only drove on freeways and around town but had a crack at some nice curvy two-lanes, including one evening in the dark for 17 miles, and I felt completely in control.

My colleague, who is expecting his second child soon, swooned over the compact size outside and grand accommodations inside. I think I've sold him one!

This size of vehicle is common in other countries, but for now, Mazda offers the only one of its kind here. Come 'n' get it!

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