Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drive More Efficiently--Without Buying a New Car

My friend Chris just turned me on to a website that promotes something I've talked about for years--driving more efficiently. is an online community for fuel economy enthusiasts. It offers information, forums, blogs, and a "garage" where you can post information and photos of your car.

Using Ben Franklin's "a penny saved is a penny earned" philosophy, you can learn how to use less gas through smarter driving techniques, and also see some great examples of economical cars you can buy and drive that will help. This is not a community of hybrid enthusiasts--it's more for the guy nursing that old Saturn or Geo Metro along who wants to save some money--and perhaps the planet, too.

My friend Chris's 2009 Toyota Yaris (pictured) is a good example of a modern, inexpensive fuel saver. I drove one a few years ago and was impressed by its basic goodness. My current enthusiasm for non-hybrid economy drives is the Mazda2.

But go check out this website when you have a chance, even if you're driving a Suburban. Maybe they'll talk you into trading down--or at least show you how to pay a little less at the pump until you do.

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