Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love/Hate McDonalds

I found myself in the drive-through line at my local McDonalds again last night. I was hungry and I wanted something quick. Also, I happen to love Quarter Pounders with Cheese (sorry) and my son likes the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese so there I was.

I ordered apple pies for each of us, too. They're sinfully good for a mere 50 cents apiece.

Our local McDonald's was razed and rebuilt last year and is very fancy. It now offers a dual drive-though lane--a welcome addition. In any case, the woman in the little red Corolla was dawdling in front of me while two cars from the the other lane advanced to the pay window. I wondered how they could tell which lane your car was in if the cars didn't strictly alternate--and how they associated your order with you.

Well, the young woman at the pay window told and showed me. Turns out they photograph your car when you order and it appears in the corner of the screen when they're processing your check. And I thought they only shot your car at intersections and the bridge toll plaza.

If you had an identical silver Camry to the guy in the other lane, who knows how that might cause chaos, but sometimes they do ask, so that must be the backup plan. Maybe they look at license plates.

Gotta eat more vegetables.

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